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Truth is: Nobody with ambitious business goals can afford to ignore a country with

5000 years’ continous civilization, vast land with earth’s highest place in its west and deepest place to its east, 1400 mli. people, and largest GDP(PPP)

Connected World

China is an important part of a connected world SensingChina

Science and Technology

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Short Observation of China’s Markets

crazy live streaming in China SensingChina
Live Streaming

Live streaming has become a very significant and popular way to promote products in China. In fact, it’s become a major part of China’s e-commerce landscape, with millions of consumers regularly tuning in to watch live streaming broadcasts hosted by influencers, celebrities, and brands. It offers a more engaging and interactive shopping experience, as viewers can ask questions and interact with the hosts and other viewers in real-time. Also, people trust its authenticity and transparency more than they trust the traditional advertising nowadays. It already plays significant role in today’s China and its popularity is growing fast.

the vibrant night economy in China SensingChina
Night Economy

The Night Economy in China has become a major contributor to the country’s overall economy, with some estimates suggesting that it accounts for up to 15% of China’s GDP. It has also become an important aspect of urban life, providing people with a variety of entertainment options and contributing to the overall quality of life in cities. It encompasses a wide range of industries, such as restaurants, bars, night markets, cinemas, theaters, and other entertainment venues that operate after sunset.

street fashion shows are popular in China SensingChina
Street Fashion Shows

Live streaming of street fashion shows has become a popular trend among young people in China. Many are dressing up in the latest styles and walking the streets as if they were models, while others are broadcasting the shows online for viewers around the world. This trend has been driven by a desire for self-expression and creativity, as well as the growing influence of social media in Chinese society. By showcasing their unique fashion sense and individuality, young people are finding new ways to connect with others and promote certain existing brand names or even new brands created by themselves.

metaverse and vr in China SensingChina
Metaverse and VR

China is a major player in the development of both the Metaverse and VR technologies. In terms of the Metaverse, Chinese tech companies like Tencent, NetEase, and Huawei have been actively exploring the potential of virtual worlds and social experiences. In the VR space, China is one of the world’s largest markets for VR devices and content. Many Chinese companies are involved in the production of VR headsets, including Pico, DPVR, and Deepoon. In addition, there are many VR arcades and experience centers throughout the country, where people can try out immersive VR experiences.

Provinces/Regions of China

Other Useful and Trusted Resources on Doing Business with China

Launched in August 2016, Yicai Global is the English-language news service of Yicai Media Group, the financial news arm of Shanghai Media Group, which is one of China’s largest state-owned media conglomerates. Focused primarily on China’s business world, Yicai Global is dedicated to provide reliable and insightful information and analysis of the economy, finance, tech, startups, and entrepreneurs. It expects to capitalize on its great chance to become a big player in the global financial media scene and become a cornerstone of the Chinese dream of this generation.

Caixin is a media group dedicated to providing financial and business news through periodicals, online content, mobile apps, conferences, books and TV/video programs. It aims to blaze a trail that helps traditional media prosper in the new media age through integrated multimedia platforms. Caixin also produces top grade summits, roundtables and dialogues that bring together political, business and academic leaders from across China and around the world.

China Money Network is a financial news and data platform that provides up-to-date information on China’s financial market. It covers various topics including private equity, venture capital, mergers & acquisitions, and initial public offerings (IPOs). The website also offers insights and analysis on China’s economy and technology industries. It is a valuable resource for professionals and businesses looking to stay informed on the latest developments in China’s financial landscape.

China Briefing is a news and information website that provides in-depth analysis and commentary on China’s economy, business environment, and legal and financial systems. The website covers a wide range of topics, including business opportunities, investment trends, tax and accounting issues, and human resources and employment practices. It is aimed at foreign investors, executives, and business owners looking to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of doing business in China. China Briefing provides valuable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to establish or expand their business operations in the country.

The China-U.S. Business Council (CUSBC) is a non-profit organization that represents American companies doing business in China. Its website, www.uschina.org, serves as a resource for members of the council, providing information on issues related to conducting business in China, including trade and investment policies, regulations, and market conditions. The website also offers a range of services, including advocacy and representation, market research, and networking opportunities, to help its members succeed in the Chinese market. By fostering closer ties between American companies and the Chinese government, the CUSBC works to promote a positive business environment for its members and advance U.S.-China commercial relations.

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The Way of Doing Business in China

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