I can stand anywhere on the bus now!

girl stands on bus with her own tool
Now I can stand whereever I like on the bus
You scared me to death, human…
man comes to visit after losing job
My uncle comes to visit us a lot at lunch time after he lost his job at fake Alibaza…
a lion pees on visitor
I’m really pissed off today!
a friend got hurt badly
I got hurt so much today, first emotionally, then physically…
a daddy dog rides his babbies
It’s dad’s turn to take care of the puppies!
a baby is sleeping on dad's belly
He will do wave surfing well in the future!
a pig is hiding from truck to slaughter house
Dude must be the only one who watched The Shawshank Redemption!
man is happily dancing when wedding
I can’t believe I got married too!
a cat helps his owner on ball game
My job is to make my master a very successful player!
I have to do more to get them!
a monkey is stealing foods
I think I have enough food for today…

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