I’m coming

a turtle rushes to help another one who is lying on her back
No worry Honey, I’m coming…
a girl jumps just like a dog
Now you are almost a dog!
a man sliding down with a flood
Hopefully he would make his way back…
a runner got hit by a ball
Ohh, my ball, my ball___
 a cat pushed another cat into the water
Okay, now it’s your turn…
a injured person rolled off a stretcher several times
Please, please don’t try so hard to help me…
an annoyed cat hit back
Told you, no more provoking!!
a man is following another MAN
Am I the most beautiful person in the world?
a criuse is stuggling in huge waves
My wife has been pressing me to book a cruise until I showed her this…
a cat kept scratching his
I’m 100% sure it was here yesterday!!!

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