Now I’m so ready to take care of those gangsters!

This time, the dog won!
guy covers himself at ATM
I got to be very careful with my PIN number!
a dog is helping his friend to drink water
Now it’s my turn to drink!
an actor is disputing with director
Director: You are supposed to die now!
Actor: No! I haven’t even started yet…
a baby is falling asleep suddenly
She is falling asleep abruptely
a dog is going to school with new clothes and backpack...
First day of school
a cat is watching her owner eating
Oh, sorry-nothing, you keep eating…
a cat is hitting a duckling
I told you to leave me alone, and I’m sleeping…
a big cat hits a small one
I can’t fight back againt the master, however I can…
a goat push another one down the cliff
What are you doing to her? Now-you-go—
three men are playing
I know who did it and I’ll show you right now!
a dog is dressing like a cowboy
Now I’m so ready to take care of those gangsters!
an angry camel kicks his owner
You can use me, but not abuse me…
a dog is finding an arrow
Okay, I saw where it fly, I’m getting it now!

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