I’m so worried about the climate change

two dogs are stealing sausage
I got it, let’s go!!
a frog is looking outside of a window
Oh shoot, the so-called climate change is really bothering me!
 a man is baking his bacon on a firing gun
Time to eat something after training!
two men are wrist fighting
A lot of times, the real deal is done under the table!
a pig and a dog is playing soccer in the snow
It’s getting cold, let’s play soccer!
two pandas are blocking the way of  the  feeder
Let’s block the door so that he can’t leave us…
a dog push a baby away from his house
No, no, young man, that’s my house…
a baby girl is riding a turtle
Little Master, I can carry you to whereever you like…
a small dog chased away a person who kept harassing him
Stop harassing me, I’m very serious now!
two cats are fighting, another one has a faint
I’ve never seen they are fighting so hard…
a man got hurt by a firework
You asked for that, smart guy!
a dog and a girl are looking outside of a window
There is nothing exciting outside, let’s keep watching…

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