AI is replacing human beings now

a dog is mopping the floor
I heard that AI is replacing human beings now…must work very hard!
a man use his dog's back as tea table
OMG! This is your 4th cup of tea today!!
a couple got splashed with mud
Thought we were going to have a happy day! …,her ex-BF drove by…
a family trying to see performance clearly
Wow, the program must be very attractive!
three dogs are sitting in a row
Golden dog: Come on, why are you treating us this way, just like fools?
three cows think a dog is of their own kind
We three already decided that you are one of us and need to stay with us from now on!
a girl and her horse are doing rope-jumping
What a view!
puppy is walking happily
It seems that puppy just won a lottery…
sheep attacked their owner
Damn! Sheep are having a revolution!
a cow is pushing a door open
I hate you human being play cool in front of me!!
 two men with fake hair greet each other in a new way
New way to say hello to your good friend!
two cats are dressing like other animals
Front cat: why can she move and play not me? Master: She is rabbit, you are a lion, supposed to be very very calm and cool!
a small dog is avoiding punishment
Master: You did it again? now, come out!
Dog: I don’t need more room, here is fine for me…

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