Are all the lines actually trains?

high speed rail maintenance station in China, SensingChina
At first look, I saw colorful lines or strange worms moving, … high speed trains?! YES!
one dog is watching the other two dancing SensingChina
Are they seriously dancing or just drunk?
three pigs are eating
He knows exactly what to do to help swallowing more efficiently…
a kid is moving like a baloon
Seems he just got a new coach for free.
a dog gets very frustrated by guessing things wrong SensingChina
OMG! I got it wrong again?!
a big cat hits a kitten badly SensingChina
Is he really your dad?
a girl got hurt while turning her head
She almost looked very cool…
a bigger dog got scared by a smaller one
Bigger doean’t always mean stronger…
students are having fun SensingChina
Seems they really enjoyed their performance…
baby in billiard room SensingChina
When you let your husband to take care of the baby
a boy throws a fish toward a flying bird SensingChina
Good catch!

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