The world is so beautiful

a baby find a new world after wearing glasses for the first time
I can’t believe what I can see with the glasses!
how a little brother stops his baby sister from crying
I know how to stop it!
a baby sitting like a big boss
You have the potential of becoming a big boss in the future!
a puppy is safeguarding a sleeping little girl
Stay away, she is still sleeping!
a baby and a puppy laughing together
Yes, we are both very happy today!
a girl is trying make-up on her dog
Little master always trys her new idea on me first…
a toddler is playing with a baby calf
With this new little calf, my son refuses to go to daycare…
two cats are playing a game
They have been there playing it for two hours already!
a raccoon failed to get on the wall
Seems my calculation is a little bit off…
a frog is being chased by a group of tortoise
Hi froggy, it’s so fun, let’s have two more rounds…

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