Most motivated guy in the gym

a man pretending to be late on treadmill
Ohh, shoot, I’ll be late!
two men are doing a fabulous commercial
Boss: You two did a fantastic job, the orders are keeping coming
a big man and a slender girl are both in uniform
No fair, we are doing the same job, but the boss only payes me 20% of hers!
a sealion push a girl away
Go away, that’s enough!
a kitten sitting on a bench thinking
I’m working hard on a decision: stay or leave…
 a dog is sleeping with a ball in mouth
Dude must have played too much…
 a drunk Chinese painter becomes famous
I can’t believe my drunkard brother became the most famous contemporary painter now!
 a big dog hits a small cat
Just go away, I’m not in a good mood now!
a man is playing game in a dramatic fashion
Hi bro, you are too into it!
a little girl is playing with her cute puppy
Good buddies!

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